“L’egant Affairs took care of all of the arrangements for my celebration ceremony as the newly appointed Administrator/CEO for the Parish of Caddo. This event was one of the most spectacular events that I have ever witnessed, and those persons who attended are still talking about the professional manner in which it was done - months after it took place!!  L’egant Affairs decorated the reception site, set-up multiple food stations, and hosted the event. My family and I were blown away by the grandeur of it all!! It was truly a wonderful experience and I plan to use L’egant Affairs for future events.”

Woody Wilson
Administrator/CEO for the Parish of Caddo
Shreveport, Louisiana

“My family and I have used Mrs. Veta Samuels’ services on numerous occasions. Mrs. Samuels and her staff is always most courteous and offers the utmost attention to professionalism. I have never seen such a rare attribute of customer service that is rendered by Mrs. Samuels and her staff. L`egant  Affairs will ultimately add an air of elegance to any occasion. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking to have a royal event or just entertain loved ones and acquaintances."

Bobbie Johnson, Greensboro, NC

Our Clients Speak

“I have used L`egant Affairs’ services for birthday parties and weddings. Their services are head and shoulders above all the rest.  Mrs. Samuels’ attention to detail and professional attention that she provides is the reason we have used her services for our special events.  Not only is Mrs. Samuels graceful and accommodating, her delightful staff portrays the same qualities.  I would not hesitate to use her services again.”

Catherine Beasley
Shreveport, Louisiana

“I experienced, first-hand, the wonderful and awesome service that L’egant Affairs has to offer!! The presentation was simply beautiful, and persons in attendance were provided with the utmost professional service. The one thing I most admire about L’egant Affairs is their “attention to details”. All aspects of the successful operation of this business are evident in the final product – assurance of an ‘L’egant evening’ in an ‘L’egant atmosphere’. Management is to be commended for the care and planning that they put into each event – which is indicative of the great success they are enjoying. I highly recommend L’egant Affairs to anyone who is planning an “L’egant Affair”. They will definitely be pleased.”

Karen Kaye Bell
Executive Assistant 
Caddo Parish Administration
Shreveport, Louisiana

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